Cornell Policy 6.4

University Policy 6.4 prohibits all members of the university community from engaging in sexual assault/violence and also prohibits community members from engaging in prohibited discrimination, protected status harassment, and sexual harassment, which includes sexual assault/violence.

[per Cornell University Policy 6.4, Prohibited Discrimination, Protected-Status Harassment, Sexual Harassment, and Sexual Assault and Violence.]

In compliance with applicable federal, state, and local legislation, the university maintains processes to provide redress and remediation to individuals who believe they have been the victims of these acts, including the identification of Title IX coordinators, who oversee all Title IX complaints and take steps to identify and address any patterns or systemic problems that arise during the review of such complaints. Members of the university community who have relevant information must cooperate with the university’s investigations into prohibited discrimination, protected-status harassment, or bias activity.

It is vital that the community understand the procedures and processes that exist in Policy 6.4 to address and remediate sexual assault and discrimination.  Review the Policy.  Student questions (undergrad, grad, and professional) may be directed to the Office of Judicial Administrator at (607) 255-4680 or

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