Health Leave of Absence

Cornell students may apply for a voluntary leave of absence (a separation of the student from the university) for health reasons.  A Health Leave of Absence (HLOA) is recommended when a student’s health condition is judged to significantly impair his or her ability to function successfully or safely as a student.  HLOAs are coordinated through Gannett Health Services.

It is expected that the time a student takes away from the university for the HLOA is used for treatment and recovery.  Gannett provides each student with specific expectations for treatment while away on leave.  Compliance with the treatment expectations is a primary factor in Gannett’s eventual decision of whether to clear a student to return to Cornell.

Not all situations are similar.  The amount of time students take for a HLOA will vary depending on circumstances (such as treatment recommendations, and time needed to assure recovery of health and re-establish the ability to sustain health).  A Gannett clinician or counselor will provide treatment recommendations as part of the HLOA agreement.

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