Members of the Students with Families Advisory Committee are available to address any questions or concerns, meet with community members, or discuss our students with families community. We are happy to serve as a resource as you navigate Cornell and the Ithaca area with your family.

Name Office Email Address
Michelle Artibee Work/Life, Human Resources
Danielle Collier GPSA Student-Partner Representative
Kris Corda Big Red Barn Graduate and Professional Student Center
Brandon John Forde Gheller GPSA Student-Parent Representative
Janna Lamey Graduate School
Linda Majani Residential & New Student Programs; Hasbrouck Community Center
Dan McMullin Cornell United Religious Works
Stephanie Martin GPSA Student-Parent Representative
Markeisha Miner Law School
Jo Ann Molnar-Keiffer Student Health Benefits
Adriana Rovers International Students and Scholars Office
Jai Sweet College of Veterinary Medicine
Catherine Thrasher-Carroll Gannett Health Services Center
Rhonda Velazquez Johnson Graduate School of Management
Laura Weiss Cornell Women’s Resource Center
Eileen McCoy Whang Work/Life, Human Resources

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