Your life will be very different after your baby’s arrival.  You may want to use that time marker, before child and after child, to identify and try to predict the impact to your academic program. It is important to determine how you will balance both your academic demands and parenting responsibilities. Ultimately, you will need to effectively communicate with key stakeholders on your transition to parenthood. We recommend that you put this in writing; once you have an outline, get input and feedback from others to help clarify your plans.  Your academic program has specific practices that support you in your family planning needs, please contact the appropriate person identified below.

  • Graduate Student – Please plan to meet with Janna Lamey, Assistant Dean for Student Life ( / (607) 255-5184).
    • If you elect to take a parental accommodation through the Graduate School, you are required to submit a written academic plan. This written plan provides a framework and structure for how you will proceed. The Graduate School also recommends that any changes to your academic plan, regardless of whether you take a parental accommodation, should be put in writing. Another way to outline any documentation is to include academic expectations up to delivery, what is to be expected while you are out, and how you will transition back into your academic program.
  • Johnson Student – Please plan to meet with Rhonda Velazquez, Director of Student Activities & Special Events ( / (607) 255-0068).
  • Law Student – Please plan to meet with Markeisha Miner, Dean of Students ( / (607) 255-5839).
  • Veterinary Student – Please plan to meet with Dr. Jai Sweet, Director of Student Services and Multicultural Affairs ( / (607) 253-3700).

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