Become Informed

Graduate and Professional Student Barbecue [GRAD]Ithaca is a safe and supportive environment for students with children with many opportunities, resources, and support structures. Attending local and Cornell-sponsored events, provides a place to network and share your experience with others who are also parents. In order for you to become fully informed, we strongly recommend that you sign up on the following resources:

  • Like us on Facebook. We are posting all open events/activities/important information for our students with families community on our Facebook page. This is our primary mode of communication.
  • Students with Children List:  This is a University-wide list, managed through Work/Life, that serves all Cornell students who are parents. This list is extremely helpful for students with children looking to connect with other parents. Members may use the list interactively.
  • Cornell Parent Newsletter: This newsletter is published twice per month and features workshops and family friendly events and activities sponsored by Cornell University.  To join, sign up here.
  • Graduate Students with Children List.  Created by the Graduate School, this is a special list for graduate student parents who wish to support and connect with one another.  Members may use the list to post announcements of upcoming events, meet new friends, post questions and answers to the group, or discuss current events and issues of concern.
  • Other Cornell e-lists.  Depending on your particular situation, you may want to review all of the lists available to support the students with families experience.  The following Cornell e-Lists can either be interactive or informational. The interactive e-Lists allow subscribers to post messages to the lists while the informational e-Lists only allow postings from list administrators. For detailed instructions on joining or subscribing to an e-List, visit the Cornell Information Technologies website.  E-Lists for parents and expectant parents include:
    • adoption-L: An interactive e-List for current and prospective adoptive parents.
    • parents-L: An interactive e-List for Cornell University parents to connect with others.
    • lactation-L: An interactive e-List for nursing mothers at Cornell University.
    • lbgtfamilies-L: An interactive e-List  which distributes information and resources for Cornell University parents.
    • specialneeds-L: An interactive e-List for Cornell University families with children that have special needs.

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