Medical Care

Whether you are expecting or you are the partner of one who is expecting, it is important to seek confirmation of pregnancy and start appropriate prenatal care.

  • Getting ConfirmationPregnancy testing for students is convenient and confidential at Cornell Health.  Though prenatal care is a specialty service Cornell Health is not able to provide, they can recommend local providers who do.  You can also request help in identifying other health care providers or health-related resources you and your family may need.
  • Support for SHP Members:  The Beginning Right Maternity Program provides support for SHP members who are pregnant.
  • Getting Emotional Support:  Every expectant parent goes through a range of emotions.  Staff at Cornell Health can provide a range of support.  Talk openly about concerns with your medical provider.  Take advantage of “Let’s Talk” drop-in counseling at various campus locations.  Consider scheduling an appointment with Cornell’s Counseling and Psychological Services or ask for a referral to a local therapist or other provider. Cornell Health staff members create a safe context for you to sort out your feelings and talk confidentially about your concerns and options for support.
  • Understanding Environmental Health and Safety When Pregnant: Students who are contemplating having children, are pregnant, or are nursing may discuss concerns they have related to the safety of their work/research areas with Cornell’s Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) department. EHS professionals can conduct a review your work areas to evaluate potential chemical, biological, and physical exposures, and provide recommendations to ensure potential exposures do not pose a risk.
  • Prenatal Yoga Class: If you are pregnant, or hoping to be pregnant at some point in the future, the prenatal yoga class may be a good support to your overall wellness.  Learn to alleviate discomforts of pregnancy, while gaining strength and flexibility in a safe and dynamic way. With gentle stretching, conscious use of breath, deep relaxation, and mindfulness techniques, individuals can enhance the quality of their pregnancy, prepare for an empowered birth process, and learn useful skills for life. More information on prenatal yoga classes.
  • Pediatricians:  Before the baby comes, it is important to find a pediatrician to serve as his or her primary health care provider. Cornell Health does not provide primary health care for children. Some family practice physicians in Ithaca provide care for infants and children. The following pediatric offices accept both SHP and Medicaid reimbursements:
    • Buttermilk Falls Pediatrics: 1301 Trumansburg Road and 22 Arrowwood Drive, (607) 272-6880
    • North East Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine: 10 Graham Road, (607) 257-2188
    • Your child’s primary health care provider can make referrals to specialty care if needed. For emergency care at any time, call 911 or contact Cayuga Medical Center Emergency Department at (607) 274-4411.
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