Expectant student parents should become familiar with the policies and procedures of the college with which you are affiliated. The purpose of these policies is to support your academic status and it pertains to you being a new parent.

  • Graduate StudentParental Accommodation Policy
    • Cornell University graduate students are eligible for parental accommodation to help balance the competing demands of school and family life. University Policy 1.6: Graduate and Professional Student Parental Accommodation, provides graduate students with the option of either six weeks of paid accommodation (for students receiving full funding from the university as assistants–whether as TAs, GRAs, RAs or GAs; fellows; or trainees) or up to two semesters of reduced load status to serve their needs surrounding childbirth, adoption, newborn care, foster care, and acute child health care. Please know that the parental accommodation requires you to submit the documentation 90 days prior to delivery.
    • If you have questions, plan to meet with either Associate Dean Jason Kahabka (jek15@cornell.edu / (607) 254-3324) or Assistant Dean Janna Lamey (jsl62@cornell.edu / (607) 255-5184).
  • Johnson Student – Please plan to meet with Rhonda Velazquez, Director of Student Activities & Special Events (rhv2@cornell.edu / (607) 255-0068).
  • Law Student – Please plan to meet with Markeisha Miner, Dean for Students (mminer@cornell.edu / (607) 255-5839).
  • Veterinary Student – Please plan to meet with Dr. Jai Sweet, Director of Student Services and Multicultural Affairs (jr27@cornell.edu / (607) 253-3700).

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