Parental Accommodation Policy

Cornell University graduate students are eligible for parental accommodation to help balance the competing demands of school and family life.  University Policy 1.6:  Graduate and Professional Student Parental Accommodation, provides graduate students with the option of either six weeks of paid accommodation (for students receiving full funding from the university as assistants–whether as TAs, GRAs, RAs or GAs; fellows; or trainees) or up to two semesters of reduced load status to serve their needs surrounding childbirth, adoption, newborn care, foster care, and acute child health care.

Students who choose the six week option are relieved of their academic responsibilities for six weeks while receiving regular stipend support; departments receive reimbursement to fund replacements to cover assistantship responsibilities for the six weeks.  Students selecting the reduced load option remain registered graduate students and pay a $200 per semester registration fee to maintain access to student services (such as email, library, etc.) but may not register for classes and are ineligible for financial support (such as assistantships).

Please direct questions about this policy to your graduate program office or to the Graduate School Dean’s Office at (607) 255-5810 or

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