Spouses and Partners

Student couple

Welcome to Cornell and to the Ithaca area!  We think you will find the greater Cornell community both welcoming and caring. We take a holistic view of our students and acknowledge their student spouses and partners are essential allies in encouraging the academic success and well-being of students.  Likewise, you have your own goals and ambitions, and you can count on Cornell’s support and access to resources. We encourage your participation in the Cornell community and hope that you will take advantage of these resources.

Based on recommendations from the Students with Families Advisory Committee and the many student spouses and partners we have worked with, we have outlined topics for you to consider that we have found to be relevant to the student spouse/partner experience. Because each individual and family structure is unique, this list is certainly not exhaustive, but is a great place to start!  Of course, if you have additional information for us to include, please email janna.lamey@cornell.edu!

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