Childcare and School

Childcare needs are often stressful for families.  The sooner you start sorting out childcare arrangements, the better. If you are looking for childcare assistance, email Cornell’s Dependent Care Consultant, Eileen McCoy Whang to set up a meeting. Eileen is available to talk with you on topics related to dependent care, such as locating providers, nannies and babysitters, parenting children with special needs, and more. In this meeting, you will discover your daycare options so that you are fully informed of what the landscape will look like as you create this new world for your child and you. As local daycare centers sometimes have waiting lists, it is important to have this meeting early on.

The Cornell University Child Care Center, managed by Bright Horizons Family Solutions, provides care to children ages 6 weeks to 5 years of Cornell students, staff, and faculty.  Part and full-time options are available.  You may want to consider this as a viable option for you and your family.  Call (607) 255-1010 for more information.

The Cornell Family Helper List establishes a link, and addresses the need, for Cornell faculty, staff, retirees and students to access various life quality services. The list can be used only by current Cornell faculty, staff, retirees and students.  A profile of all potential helpers is available on this site. Profiles include helper’s contact information, services offered, previous experience, and availability.  Helpers are listed for the following services: babysitting, elder companionship, transportation, pet sitting, errands, house sitting, yard care, music lessons, tutoring, cleaning, and sports lessons.

Public School Information:  Public school education is free in the US for all children age 5 and older. A child must be 5 years of age by December 1 in order to begin school that same year. To enroll your child, contact your local public school office. List of local schools and contact information.

To enroll your children in school or child care, you must have a record of their immunizations along with their birth certificate or passport. For up-to-date information about required immunizations visit Ithaca City School District.

Helpful to students with children is a Cornell sponsored informational e-list which alerts parents of local school closing.  Once you subscribe, you will receive an email message with the name of the closed school in the subject line.  If your children are not in that school, please disregard the message.  Please do not call the schools.  To subscribe:

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