The University recognizes and respects the need to accommodate breastfeeding mothers who choose to express milk while at Cornell.  There are over thirty spaces located across campus designated for the purposes of expressing or pumping breastmilk.  These spaces vary in terms of accommodations and you are encouraged to visit the room before you actually need it to ensure it will meet your needs (some of the rooms also require a key).

If you need space to pump in a building that does not have a designated space, contact Work/Life at or (607) 255-5298.

Nursing mothers may purchase a permit, valid for 12 weeks, to park more conveniently. This permit accommodation may be renewed one time for another 12 week period. Prices vary depending on parking location. More information.

In addition, Work/Life offers the Preparing for Baby Series in the Fall and Spring semesters.  The series covers topics such as pregnancy, prenatal care, and breastfeeding.  Contact or (607) 255-5298.

For more information about designated rooms or other lactation support services, visit

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